Carrot 'HEIRLOOM" Mixed Colours 100

Carrot - Mixed Colours

100 Seeds Minimum

A mixture of red, black, yellow, orange, white and purple.

A hardy root vegetable which grows well in deep cool soil. Carrots take about 3 weeks to show themselves and the first leaves look like grass . If broadcast sowing, mix with radish seeds which will germinate quickly and indicate the sown area. In hotter or dry areas, water well before seeding then cover with boards to maintain the moisture and cool soil for more successful germination. Check every week or so.

Over fertilised ground will produce split roots. Protected against carrot fly. It is best to put carrots in a different area of the garden each year for four or five years.

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Carrot

Steamed or raw carrots are tasty. Cook them in a small amount of water until nearly dry then add a pat of butter and teasp of brown sugar to glaze.
They can be added to most casserole-type dishes.
Grate raw carrots and add to salads

  • Sow Cool Climate: Sep-Mar
  • Sow Warm Climate: Feb-Nov
  • Depth: 3 x Seed Diameter
  • Soil Temp: 7-30°C
  • Emerge: 14-28Days
  • Spacing: 25-30 cm
  • Harvest: 12-18 Weeks

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