We're not big on Rules and Policies so we're not going to put a whole lot of Do's and Dont's on our buyers. In fact, we roll the red carpet out and treat you like we want to be treated..a Celebrity!

So look, if you purchase by mistake and want to cancel your purchase...no problemo.

If you purchase an item and don't like it...no problem - send it back for a full refund - Yes a FULL REFUND!!

If your not happy with our service, or we let you down somehow...then let us know - we'll take it on the chin and try and improve.

If we haven't responded to your email for whatever reason, we are not going to blame it on the dog, or some virus...we'll take responsibility and put extra attention and resources to giving you an answer, a solution or whatever request you submitted.

You face enough stress and dramas already in life...so we believe shopping with us shouldn't add to it. Our aim is to put a smile on your face and we'll work hard to achieve it!